Image analysis systems

Kovilta currently offers complete single- or multi-camera image analysis system implementations based on the KOVA1 sensor-processor platform, for applications requiring exceptional speed performance and/or a very powerful but small form-factor image processing platform.

Algorithms and software optimized for the customer's application, extensive user support and maintenance are included in all system deliveries. Because Kovilta has complete control over the implementation of each level of the embedded camera system and software, we are able to provide full customization of the analysis platform, from the embedded camera system, software and parallel algorithms, even down to the IC- and sensor-level.

Integrated Circuit design

Kovilta can provide complete new sensor-processor ASIC implementations, either based on the pixel-parallel KOVA-architecture, or completely customer-spesific designs. We have significant experience from many complex System-on-Chip IC designs and access to the necessary design and simulation tools and prototype manufacturing services. This allows us to provide turnkey prototype ASIC delivery, based on customer specifications, at affordable prices.

Technical consultation

Kovilta can offer comprehensive technological surveys and analysis on image processing technologies and applications, as well as practical system- or algorithm-level development services. With years of extensive experience in image processing and IC-technology, we can offer efficient, critical, and in-depth analysis which is not limited only to technology currently on the market or to certain equipment manufacturers.


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