R&D Services

Kovilta offers research and development services an all levels of imaging and data analysis systems, ranging from full-custom ASIC design through embedded systems to algorithms and software. We work in close collaboration with our customers to add value to their research and development programs through an innovative and enthusiastic approach.

Integrated circuit design

The Kovilta team has experience from tens full-custom mixed-signal ASIC implementations in various manufacturing technologies, down to 28 nm linewidth. In image sensor designs Kovilta can provide a complete fab-ready chip design from the pixel sensor to the readout logic and IO, fully based on customer specifications. Kovilta can also offer customer-optimized versions of the company's proprietary KOVA pixel-level processing technology. We can implement IC designs with various industry standard EDA tools or utilize lower cost software alternatives, depending on customer needs.

Embedded system design

Whether based on the customer's own ASIC, chips implemented by Kovilta, or commercial off-the-shelf components, Kovilta can implement a full system design from PCB to user software interface. Kovilta has extensive experience in the implementation of FPGA-based processing and control, which can provide a very flexible and powerful framework or both ASIC testing and final implementation. Being able to implement a full-stack design from IC chips to software, including prototype optics and mechnical housing, Kovilta can provide user-specific customization and optimization an all implementation levels.



Technical consultation

Kovilta can offer comprehensive technological surveys and analysis on image processing technologies and applications, to help the customer with the adoption of new technologies and solutions or to evaluate concept feasibility at an early stage. With years of extensive experience in image processing, IC-technology and camera systems, we can offer efficient, critical, and in-depth analysis which is not limited to currently available technology or biased towards specific equipment manufacturers.

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